Cone of Experience

Dale's Cone of Experience

The Cone of Experience (1946) was the most important contribution of Edgar Dale in field of IT. In the cone, he explained inter-relations of the several audio-visual materials and their positions in learning processes. He expressed the divisions based on extreme two points between direct experience and pure abstraction. The divisions proposed in the cone were not accepted as exact demarcations. One audio-visual can be used with other audio- visual materials with respect to situation or purposes.
Dale’s cone is one of the most important theoretical foundations of IT. Hence, the cone makes connection between concrete and abstract ideas which is one of the main principles of teaching and learning. It also helps the professionals to select media on the basis of the experiences aimed to transfer students. It seems a job aid. Moreover, it is an effective tool to support communication process because it makes communication depending on not only just words but also visual and experiential ways. He also emphasized the other components and diversity of sensory experiences. Hence, our experiences are not completely relied on visual or verbal symbols. Other concerns of our perception systems must be considered, such as direct experience, touching, sensing. The cone also fosters diversity in learning environment. As a result, the cone is a good combination of psychological/instructional and communication theories.

Here is an example of educational television.

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  1. cherrieanne says:

    Congratulations Ms. Casilac!

    I remember my elementary days as I watched sineskwela.

    More power!

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